@onedirection: #1YearOfBSE … the guys were totally floored by the news!



One day it could all be gone 

Hold on to the words they told us 

Hold on to it all my son”

4 years of One Direction

Harry at LAX - 7/21

july 23rd 2010 to 2014 - FOUR YEARS OF ONE DIRECTION

"One of the reason why I don’t like the word "famous", because then people use it afterwards. And they go like, ‘He used to be famous’ or ‘He’s not famous anymore’. And it’s like, just this weird thing of, like, I was a guy before, I was the same guy during and I’m the same guy afterwards. But people think they can label your life." - Harry Styles

i mean i guess i’m just really into tall lanky men with huge noses and wavy hair because like

idk man